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Howard Hamlin - world 505 and 18-foot skiff champion

Congratulations on your 6am finish. I look forward to comparing notes.
I want to complement you on building a really great boat. It is fast, fun, comfortable, easy to sail and roomy/dry below. Plus in hull flying conditions it is a gas, I like sailing boats that can fly a hull, they give you a thrill and keep you focused.
I am very critical of how a boat should function, usually I step off any boat, including my own, with a long list of things to change or fix; but not on yours.
I hope many more sailors discover what a terrific boat the R33 is. Keep up the good work and I wish you great success.

Johnny Lovell - Olympic Silver medallist and world ranked #1 in Tornado

Dear Randy
Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to sail Cat 13 in the 2005 Ensenada Race.
I had a chance to sail in most conditions with every combination of sails and I thought the boat handled great. We always seemed to have great speed and boat handling was very easy due to the great deck layout.
With only 4 crew we were able to handle the boat with ease. I was very impressed with the reefing system. It was very easy to reef the main and roll headsails within a minute.
I would not change anything on the boat.
Sail Fast

Pete Melvin - A-Class Cat Champion and boat designer

We finished at about 11 AM, a few minutes behind Johnny. We went inside the Coronados and up the beach. Johnny said they went way outside the Coronados and we ended up about the same spot after being separated by about 40 miles! Randy finished about 6am (1st corrected in ORCA and about 10th overall elapsed) and also apparently went outside. Had wind from just about every direction at some point in the race.
Our boat was flawless. We sailed it on its maiden voyage the day before the race and nothing needed to be fixed after sailing for 200+ miles. Reynolds Sailing did a great job prepping our boat and the rest of the fleet.

Charlie – Olympic Silver medallist and world ranked #1 in Tornado

My first sail on the R33 was pure fun! It was like sailing my A-Cat, but with my friends along to share the fun. The boat was incredibly responsive, powerful and easy to sail. The entire package is well designed for simple, exciting sailing. The boat is a Ferrari with seating for all your friends.
Randy and Reynolds Sailing have done a nice job in designing a package that is easy to rig, sail and unrig. The R33 can be ordered and assembled and on the water in a very short time. The boat comes with everything you need to put the fun back in sailing, no matter what the wind velocity.
Fast Sailing!

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